Howdy friends and neighbors. I’m just here for a quick second to announce another giveaway of my book, “Cold Gray Dawn.” Starting at midnight tonight and going through August 15th. You can sign up on http:/www.goodreads.com to be one of five lucky winners. You must be a member of Goodreads to enter. It’s free to sign up.  Good luck and keep your eyes open (literally) for more chances to win a free, autographed copy of the book.

I’m serious, you just never know where a chance might come (see the box next to this post).

Thanks for all of your support.

Write on, V

The Next Wave of Campaign Hype is Coming Right Up

Ha! I bet you thought I was going political on you right? Nope. I’m not talking politics (thank goodness). I’m just letting you know about my next wave of book promotion.

I have to say, our Kindle giveaway was wildly successful! (Who says people don’t like free stuff anyway?)

So, the next phase is a print copy giveaway (autographed by the author) in http://www.GoodReads.com. If you don’t belong to Goodreads, I highly recommend it. It’s like a giant book club/book store all wrapped up in one. All you have to do is sign up, rate books you’ve read and they will give you recommendations. You can also sign up for FREE books too.

So here’ s a picture of my latest book. (So you will know it when you see it.) It’s by Vickie Knob THUMBNAIL_IMAGE

Or, since you’re already here. Sign up to win one of 10 autographed copies here. The winners will be announced around the middle of August.

So, my faithful friends… Read on, Review kindly and Race out and buy more books.

Peace, V

My Not So Subtle Book Announcement (New Release, Best Seller)

Hi Friends and Fans,

I announced earlier in the week that my new book “Cold Gray Dawn” was almost ready. Well, I will let you in on a little secret. IT’S ALREADY OUT! I decided to keep it quiet because I’m still looking for #1000truefans. Oh, and btw, I’m having a contest for the first 10 people who sign up here to receive an autographed copy! See the sign up on the right? Yep that’s the one.

Be one of the first ten and you will receive your own copy FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!

Here’s the link if you insist on paying….


Thanks so much for your indulgence in this!

Love ya! V

The Countdown for a New Book Release Begins #New Best Seller

I know the experts all tell you to put in keywords, like #newbook #aspiringauthor #bestseller #thriller #writer #romance

But I’m going to go against the flow and write how I want to.  #sellout, #yesman.

I’ve got something to say #buymybooks

And I don’t really care if I have any sales or not. #desperate #pleasebuymybook #starvingwriter.

I have studied the best way to get the word out on a book, #grovelonmyknees #beggingforsales

And the experts all say to create buzz instead of sales. #ifyoudon’tbuymybookwewillhavetoeatdirt. #livinginavandownbytheriver

They also recommend not bugging your friends and family for sales or reviews #Ineedreviews. #familybetterrevieworelse #wewillbemovinginwithyou #notevenkidding.

So, I just wanted to get the word out #screaming, #begging, #yelling, #hangingonyourlegs #followingyouaroundthehouseuntilyoudo.

My book is coming soon. #July1,2014 #kindlecountdown #lookingfor1000truefans.

Love you all, #ifyoubuymybookI’llloveyoumore #Iwillgetyouicecreamforwritingareview

#JUSTKIDDING #notreally.

#Peace #Thanks #V

Shamelessly Promoting My Own Book

I think this is the appropriate place to purposely, shamelessly, overtly and obnoxiously promote myself and my new book coming out. After all, I pay for this space, I can write whatever, whenever and however I want to.

So, here it goes. I will be releasing my newest book, “Cold Gray Dawn” around July 1st. I’m very excited, and nervous all at the same time. When I previously unleashed my books onto the public, I was so nervous I almost pulled the plug and cancelled.

I equated putting my books out there to sending your child to school for the first time. You want to show everyone what a wonderful child you’ve created, but then you aren’t sure you should leave them all alone out there without you to protect them.

All the typical things rush through your mind, What if they don’t like my brainchild? What if they ignore them, or worse yet criticize them for being weird, or lacking, or boring? What if they tell me they don’t want anymore of my children at their school?

The list goes on and on. There’s such an internal struggle between wanting to show the world your work, and worrying they will hate it. I’m told that most writers go through this very thing all of the time. Even the big names.

But I’m determined to get my words out there. I want to share them with someone other than my loving hubby and poor sister, (who both get stuck being my beta readers).

Please stay tuned for more information. I will share the link – price and all the details.

After that I will ask you for your honest reviews. It seems like there has to be an easier way, maybe if my name was Joan Grisham.

Until then, thank you for your loyal support.

To be continued….. V

Creating Buzz VS Selling Stuff

I’m so excited to be in the final stages of editing my first adult fiction book.

I’ve written two self-help books and an children’s fiction book, but this is my first in the big world of fiction.

This has been such a process. I’ve learned so much. Even in the last 6 months, I’ve gone light years past where I was just one year ago. I’m still learning more everyday.

The hardest part for me isn’t the writing. It’s the everything else. I have to be adept at creating a cover, designing the inside copy, editing, and now marketing.

I’m actually in the last stages of editing. My hubby and myself are doing most of the editing. (Due to lack of extra funds.)

We have a couple other projects in the works to fund this expensive hobby/career.

Here’s a picture of one of them. solar light

These are solar lights made out of mason jars. We are selling them to a local gift shop. We also starting an online business to make extra cash.

You might want to check it out at www.consultantsbyemail.com

So, when it comes down to it, they say not to push your books on your fans, just get them excited about it. So we have to sell other things to provide enough cash to promote my books, but whatever you do, don’t sell them.


Yeah, it’s a mystery and I’m going to solve it. So, whatever you do, DON’T buy my book.

Yeah right! I will be published around the end of the month. (Don’t worry I will shamelessly push it at you.) So buy my book on Amazon.com “Cold, Gray Dawn” by Bess Peyton. READ IT, LOVE IT, and PLEASE, Review it. Oh, and tell all your friends to buy it too.

Thank you from the bottom of my shameless promoting heart.


Are Print Books Becoming Extinct Like the Dinasaurs?

I received an e-mail with a link this morning, and the article was about print vs. e-books. Although, I’m all for progress, and I have e-books myself, I felt a little sad.

I think it would be like if we ever went to flying machines vs. cars. I would feel a bit nostalgic and sad to see those go to.

Here is the link. http://www.suntimes.com/news/steinberg/27376605-452/paper-books-endure-but-value-on-the-decline.html#.U3Tllk1eFMv

Let me know what you think.

Peace, V

What difference Does it make if I Blog/Read/Write everyday?

Several years ago when I opened up my first blog site, I was so excited. Just to have someone (besides my family) to read my posts sent me over the moon.

After blogging (and now writing several books) I have been back to read my earlier work. I’m surprised at how poor my writing really was. It’s not that I’ve taken four years of college courses, or had ten mentors to guide my every step.

No, what I did do was to practice my skills everyday. At first when someone told me that, I scoffed. I thought no way could I write everyday and have it be in anyway useful, or meaningful.

I quickly got over that and decided that it wasn’t to create more content, but to hone my skills as a writer.

It’s like anything, the more you do it, the better you get. If you want to become a singer, sing, practice, and become a student of singing. What about a runner? No Olympic athlete has ever stood out in the middle of the track and just declared themselves a champion runner without the proper training, practice or competition to get to the ultimate games.

The same goes for writing. That is if you want to become a professional writer, then you must write. If you’re only writing your family history for your children and grandchildren to read, then it’s not quite as critical. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want  future generations to read my journals and think ,”Wow great-great grandma sure needed some help with her writing skills.

Even if you are just keeping a blog journal for yourself, when you push the “publish” button, it’s out there in the mighty blogosphere. You can delete it, but you can never, ever get it back.

So, my friends, if you want to be a writer/blogger/anything, please  write everyday. If you don’t you won’t ever get any better.

It may sound hard, or bothersome, or a pain, but you will notice how your skills will evolve over time.

Keep it up and Write on,


The Blog about Blogging for Bloggers

I’ve been remiss in not specifying what information you can get from my blog posts.

I posted a link to another blog post and it’s kind of blown up my blog. I love it! So searching through the comments and replies, I decided that there are lots of people who want to blog, but may be intimidated or worried that they don’t have the right stuff.

So, today I’m going to share the #onelittlesecretfornewbiebloggers. So lets do a countdown. I’ve always wanted to do a post like this, no I’m not David Letterman, but I think lists are fun.

Here we go….. The top ten ways to start a blog and keep it going even when you think you are yelling to the whole world and everyone has left for another planet. Whew! That’s a long title.

#10 Do lots and lots of research, check out other blogs, check out google, and all the other search tools to see what kind of competition you have out there. Be sure to stress yourself out and worry that your blog will never be seen. Trust me, this is the first step.

#9 Pay lots and lots money to professional blog/website gurus so you’ll make sure that all the right “tools” have been programed into your site for maximum exposure.

#8 Spend months researching, re-writing, rejecting and regurgitating your blog posts, so that the information is no longer relevant and out of date.

#7 Post erratically, don’t be consistent, so that the few followers you do have will never be able to find your posts in the huge blogosphere.

#6 Make sure you post long rambling posts that make no sense to your readers, or anyone else, including you.

#5 Don’t tell anyone you know that you are writing a blog, the more anonymous you can remain… the better

#4 Fill your posts with tons of non-relevant pictures and videos that have nothing to do with your post.

#3 Never ever use keywords.

#2 Overuse keywords so that your post doesn’t make any sense.

#1 Whatever you do, don’t practice your craft. Make sure it’s unusually confusing, and has spelling and grammar errors. Don’t write everyday to get better.

In short, non of this is true. My best advice for a #newbieblogger is to #write #blog #DOIT!

Write On!


Why America is going to Choke on it’s Own Food

2another number one secret diet gurus



Quite a while ago I posted an article called “Why Food Labels Can’t be Trusted.”

I would like to follow up with a blurb from my book, “Another #1 Little Secret That Diet Gurus Don’t Want you To Know.” http://www.amazon.com/Another-Little-Secret-Bathroom-Library-ebook/dp/B00JMHTX3W/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

In this book, I do a quick over view about what the food industry is passing off as food to the American public.

Some of the things you eat or drink everyday may be very harmful for you.

From the book….

”  Aspartame is now found in most “diet” foods. Aspartame contains chemicals that actually kill brain cells. When you combine this with caffeine, it’s a deadly match. Diet soda has become a staple for many people trying to lose weight. After consuming the drink, you feel a “high”. This is the caffeine hitting your brain cells right before they die. Kind of like the finale in a fireworks show, going out with a bang.

“So what?” you say, “Brain cells die all of the time.”

You’re right, of course, but once again it can make you fat. Aspartame creates cravings for carbohydrates. Hmm, like chips, cookies and fries. So, all those calories you saved by drinking a “diet” drink are not only canceled out, they are completely obliterated by the consumption of more carbs than your body needs in a day.

Drinking diet soda can also lead to having cognitive problems, headaches, visual problems. Here’s a partial list of what aspartame can do to you. Nausea, vertigo, insomnia, blindness, memory loss, depression, joint pain, hearing loss and can even lead to different kinds of cancer.

Commercial pilots are discouraged to drink this because of these well known factors. Makes you think huh?

If you want more check out my books on Amazon under Vickie Knob

Peace, V